About Us

For more than 15 years, the attorneys at Pérez Johnston Abogados, S.C. have provided legal services to a variety of domestic and international clients, and amongst them, there are corporations, financial entities and Government Agencies, combining traditional and contemporary elements of the legal profession.

This law firm specializes mainly on administrative law, constitutional law and intellectual property. Within the mentioned areas, we provide advice and litigation services regarding amparo, constitutional controversies, unconstitutionality actions, human rights, administrative and regulatory law, industrial property and copyright law, telecommunications, international trade, environmental law and class action lawsuits.
Our aim is to provide the best possible advice and service to our clients in an efficient, cost- effective and practical way, while at the same time preserving the best elements of the traditional legal advisor-client relationship. Consequently, while we keep a cost-benefit analysis in the treatment of all matters and cases, we maintain a personalized attention of our clients, combining thus contemporary criterions orienting the legal practice, whilst preserving elements of the traditional legal practice.

Also, the background of our attorneys, as well as our relationship with several international law firms and clients, make us aware of the requirements and restrictions they may have in satisfying their needs, especially with regard to national and international regulations on anticorruption and unethical practices.
Thus, combining the quality of services of a large law firm and the flexibility and personalized attention of a smaller boutique firm, our clients have had a great level of satisfaction when hiring the legal services of Pérez Johnston Abogados, S.C.