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Safe Self Balancing Scooter ealth and sent flowers toward the younger brother walked, hand will take his hand rose. The roses should have 999 eyes, right Wang Cheng did not expect to become generous, and such a long stem rose to send it, but not cheap. You are Miss Bai Flowers to see the flowers came to see the younger brother Li Yanli asked. My name is Li, not white, you flower shop is not correctly Not wrong, this flower is to give Miss Bai Yes, there is no one called Miss Xiang Bai Xiang Li Yanli surprised to pick the high brow, to recover the hand to take flowers, This flower is to give Baixiang Yes, the guests set flowers is so accountable. What s that guest s last name I m sorry, I can not tell you this. May I ask Miss White to come out and sign you Li Yanli can feel the projection from behind the ridicule of the eyes, could not help but Xingran ran on their own seats, shouted Bai Xiang. Something Bai Xiang s head from the office explored out, eyes still stared at the hands safe self balancing scooter of the statements to see, simply did not by the outside world of disturbance. There is something for you to sign. Oh. Bai Xiang put down the safe self balancing scooter file, pulled the knee of the two skirts, this hurried out of the office, Miss General Miss leave it Ordinary letters can not be her to sign out, unless it is Personal letter from the chairman. No, is the flower, white secretary recently took the peach blossom It was such a generous table of mind. Li Yan Li sour tone authentic. Bai Xiang Zheng Ran standing in front of a large you have a lot of temper, no roar to throw me out. Come too early to be clever. I just want to break your ridiculous neck bone when the ornaments, if you give me more than one hundred thousand volts of electric wall. The night Su, the wall is simply useless. He spent millions of dollars to set up the current wall like a good looking, blocked a third rate killer but die a surgeon surgeon, always three to five when climbing the wall to delimit. At first, the villa deliberately covered in the outskirts of the outskirts of the sparsely, the land will be included in the name of the surrounding, the intention is to indiscriminately close to Minnesota self balancing scooter Mo, some people dowry to challenge security facilities, determined to be a Snitch. Once and twice Gaode security personnel exhausted, the number of more than one, they will be very troublesome by him to go, save someone from the emulate. His safe self balancing scooter hand, but ten centimeters long bone to see a small wound, he loves to dismantle the seam is the craft, really bored dog take the mouse mad cat, borrowed to the theater, not afraid of dying. Shangguan, your security needs to be strengthened, even a layman safe self balancing scooter can be unimpeded, your life really is worthless. Even a million volts of voltage can not stop him, high IQ is the Buddha is difficult to block. What a wall count. I will ask them with a gun, a sign of trouble to pull the trigger, regardless of life and death. When necessary cruel is self defense. Suddenly surprised the night Su fierce rubb.

he never thought would leave him, and now The wolf can do it. His attitude did not care. Why She wanted to know the reason. Wolves want to change the environment, change the mood. Fire Xi said the cause of the matter. She did not quite understand the fire wolf and places between what is what happened, why their marriage can not be maintained Serpent really relieved, I thought the two young master hate me She spit out her tongue. If you do not take care of your mouth, that day will soon come. Fire enemy just scare her just casually. Duqi mouth, she promised, Well, I changed it. Fire evening and the fire of the enemy standing in T City, a well known gallery for a while, watching a continuous stream of people come and go. Although Miss Gu is still young, but it is already quite a well known painter. Hu Xi to see the same firearms to wear sunglasses. The firefighters stopped pacing their nerves. What about that Do you want to go in So eager to see Miss Valley She asked, laughing. Why do I hurry to see the woman, he thought of his portrait in the gallery for people to enjoy the whole body is wrong. Those paintings are my purpose here. She provoked a safe self balancing scooter touch of laughter, those paintings recently in the newspapers and magazines caused a lot of topics, this is Miss Gu for the first time exhibited the figure painting, and more than 10 pieces of characters are the same man, so that the name The man s identity has become the focus of the parties to visit the partiesnot refuse to let her leaning against his chest, You do not need a man hiding in the toilet silent cry He The voice was dull. You She struggled a bit, did safe self balancing scooter not break away from his iron like hoop system, people still in his warm embrace. His heartache twisted tightly hugged her. Cry to cry in my arms Stalemate for a minute, the edge of the hand of the edge of the ring finally Di Yang waist, tight, and then burst into tears. Ghost no regrets sip the mouth of the wind handed her tea, smiling to open, Di Yang seems to be busy recently She certainly safe self balancing scooter know that Di Yang is busy in recent things, mention it is to hear him Views. He fell in love Smell the wind slightly up the mouth, carrying the coffee to the ghost opposite the chair sat back. You knew already He did not deny it. I had to go to college, so I thought to find Di Yang with me, and now there will be this development is contrary to safe self balancing scooter my surprise. She knew that even if safe self balancing scooter they do not say, with the The wind must have guessed that the origin of the six month holiday Di Yang, she never intended to conceal the wind. This kind of accidental development is quite good. If Tang Yuan can accept the feelings of Di Yang, it is more perfect. You ve seen her All along, she just heard Di Yang in the pursuit of his immediate school sister, have not had the opportunity and the rumors of the heroine to meet it However, must be above the level. She did not forget that he had also been because the Syrian beauty is not s.clothes is not it Her mathematics did not fail. I am your brother ah Brother to send his sister clothes is a matter of course, do not cranky. He said with undoubted attitude, If you do not accept the next, is not to recognize me as your brother. Thank you brother. She has no choice. Are their own people, thank what He frowned, apparently do not like to hear her often put thank you hung in the mouth. She suddenly looked up inadvertently saw his left cheek close to the corner of the eye there is a talk about the sun, looks like bruising, brother, your eyes bruise is how the same thing Who has such a great ability to wound him She remembered, the enemy, Xinjiang, Xi who are pregnant with the people of Ye Clapping his hands safe self balancing scooter on the cheek above the bruising, the fire of the anger of the enemy again, is not a good thing to do. This hatred is not reported non gentleman, and he is waiting for the advent of the opportunity. Why safe self balancing scooter do you and Big Brother fight She was shocked. He waved his hand impatiently, Do not talk about this unhappy thing. It seems to be inherited to the mother s personality, love to find his old ballast, but he will always be confused by the appearance, forget each other s Kung Fu between the two tigers fight, who also account for not cheap. Put on the dress so I look at not fit, or find someone safe self balancing scooter to modify. He quickly shifted the topic. Xiaofen, to help Miss dressing. Xiaofen is Lian Yin tears close maid, heard the rush to nod, Yes, two young master. Her.

Safe Self Balancing Scooter we just If not finished, he has turned and rushed to the bathroom. Di Yang also think of it, just he was the man kissed This perception is like a bolt from the blue sky he was surprised a moment. My God He just kissed the man Di Yang Meng also forced to wipe his lips with his sleeve, and then a burst of nausea feeling hit up, he rushed to the house spit spit. That but his first kiss Yeah And his object is a man, thinking of this, Di Yang spit is even more miserable, an old brain to eat all the dinner things spit out. How this tragic thing will happen to him He is in the end who is provoke whom After a long while, Di Yang face pale and dragging a heavy pace back to the house, he felt a kind of tears. Once again, and short hair man face to face, Di Yang systemic goose bumps are erected, he is trying to restrain the feeling of vomiting. You just forgot it Di Yang is only a pair of bright eyes Jinmou looked at him, do not say a word. It is easy to say, but, he saw each other s face will not help think of touching the lips touch the warm, really too nausea. He unconsciously raised his hand to wipe his hand back to wipe his lips, and then do not open the line of sight, then I m afraid he would go to see the report to the outside. See Di Yang did not respond, short hair man s face is more intense, I I have a love, you Close your mouth. Di Yang s eyes lightcoral self balancing scooter and transferred back, his face some ugly, I, right, you, no.selling earn little petty profits. He, enough fat, and much more oil and water. Smile enough yet Witch s life is also very fragile. Condensed face, Shangguan Feng with murderous eyes staring at her. Do not speak does not matter, he opened a sand Xiong Xiong smile even more powerful, the arms of the honeydew self balancing scooter cat almost Niexi she safe self balancing scooter was. Orangutan talking to die, stomach hurts good laugh Oh Xiongxiong, think of your purse, fast at the end of it Sha Yue Bao also want to laugh, but afraid of death. That a pair of fire breathing black eyes fast injection of molten pulp, and in this danger is still self balancing scooter Bluetooth connect with Phone and PC a tolerant tolerance, the witch s backbone temporarily closed. Suddenly swallow saliva sand Yue Bao hand to protect the neck. Shaxiong Xiong straight exhaled to gently smile, Yes, not with the money Nausea, I have the principle of the witch. Principles Shangguan strange look at the front. Money good things, no money to please, all roads lead to money, need me to explain it She Shuxiong Xiong is crossing the God of Wealth, his left hand money, right handed money. It is clear, he said, looking at the witch, which was shrinking into a ball, from your salary. Ah you wealthy, monthly income of tens of millions, this little money and I have to care about it She had no money, she was poor. Net worth of hundreds of millions of fixed bank, the interest into the trust fund, so she is a poor. You do not know if I m a famous vampire, he said, to exploit the money below the m.

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