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Bluetooth Connect Self Balancing Scooter customers. But all these Shangguan front but turn a blind eye, her efforts, her melancholy became a joke, and she was also self deception in the self hypnosis, that he will find her back. Bubble like fantasy burst very quickly, she had time to clean up the heart to blow up a look of surprise, the heart like a broken hole is difficult to make up. More than two months, she wanted to try to approach him, but always in vain to look at her, they both inseparable Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter to even want to take advantage of her opportunity to find her. She is like a stealth lovers snoopy lovers rest, secretly swallow a cup of acid cups, so that the heart into a tangled blood of the river, into the dark corner of the pool of tears Lake. However, the tears in the belly fermented into jealousy, love with the distant figure to urge into hate. Woman, is a frosty cold maple, fall on the ground of beautiful red need to show appreciation, collection in the pages of the time constantly read. Mu Lin Ling in the tea room can not help but quietly tears, lower lip due to endured not to cry to escape and biting, slightly Qin bleeding, as she is now devastated heart in general, red and pain. The dignified rich Joe chairman of the daughter of the posture, put the post of assistant secretary, only to chase love, if the pass out of the fear of becoming a laughing stock, Jiaoren joke she shameless, scraping people can not afford to look back a Gu, Like an animal in nature. Not willing na, everything should have a f.sults of a hearing he was hospitalized, even the thought of rushed to rush to see him, or at least should look like, so he lived a day or two Again meaning to look like. But she just can not wait, a heart hanging, what can not do, but to the. You care about me just because you re my secretary Yes, just like I care about Lao Dong exactly the same. She was eager to avoid his sharp eye, that she confused and Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter guilty. Guan Sheng day without a word, just a moment not to look at her instantly, either her drooping face with her a pair of skilled hands continue to be at their mercy. However, in Baixiang for him to adjust the position of the back pillow, the chest does not care to rub his lips, exhaled from his mouth breath of breath into her slightly open collar, sensitive to her body Slightly a stiff. God This is how is it Why does she just hit him every time he will do not care to eat his tofu Her work has always been very coherent, not to mention this embarrassing situation. Suddenly feel wrong, white Xiang s body quickly to withdraw, slender waist allows a strong arm clamp, panic lift Moumou, happened to Shenggu off the hot sultry eyes. The breathless breathing echoed in an instant condensed air, she just felt her heart tight to Samsung Self Balancing Scooter let her suffocate. Guan She tried to squeeze out from the trembling lips that something, but found himself thirsty, a blank mind. Hongyan s two lips in the next second has been moisten, off Sheng clever tongue skills into her mouth, an.

uous Guan, you do not like this Her reason is still, the body is like with the sense of divorce, earn his indecent assault on her. Do not you like me to Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter kiss you A kiss Fang Xiu, Guan Sheng Dimei look at her beautiful shy and charming endless red face. I She and his boss is the relationship with the subordinates, this is not like the problem does not like, but should not be, told her how to answer Looked at him, saw his eyes flashing smile, she felt like being playing like, a surge of gas could not help on the Bay. I apologize. To feel her anger, he let go of her hand and opened the door for her, if I can not help but offend you. Can not help White Xiang heart on a stunned, chaos to get on the chaos, homeopathic to his warm hands to promote the large car. The atmosphere is rigid, but off like Sheng nothing like chatting up with her, and talk about his internship in the United States, also talked about the student age embarrassing, hearty laughter, soon people forget Angry, focused on his gentle words. She gradually relax themselves, sitting in Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter a large car seat, outside the breeze light delivery, car music Qing Yang, actually people a little sleepy. She really fell asleep, wake up only to see a magnified face in close proximity. To. Guan Sheng on her smile. To Her brains are still among the turn to sleep. Yes ah, get off. He took her hand to get off. When the two appeared in the Dong s villa door, immediately lead to the commotion of the crowd. Rec.g face suddenly appeared in front of her. Bai Xiang shocked, simply did not expect the meeting of the customs Sheng will suddenly break into, she hurriedly got up to meet, hands and feet do not know where to put. But because of this a rush to get up the chartreuse self balancing scooter action, so that her lips do not accidentally rubbing the bust to the customs off the face of Sheng, smart balance wheel battery charging let her face look into the purple, Yes, I m sorry Her support my apology, a pair of eye can not look at him. Guan Sheng sip lip laugh, I do not mind. I did not do it on purpose. I know. He still laughed, like Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter to see her like a mess in the appearance of panic. Is only a small accident, she is necessary to respond so strongly Really interesting. Uh, what s the order of Guan Guan Sheng is not accustomed to watching the head of the people speak, reach out and lift her face, but accidentally touched the scorching body temperature, could not help but frowned, white secretary, your face red hot or fever, or where uncomfortable His touch to Bai Xiang confusion of a heart to jump out, hastened to the back of a retreat, heel just hit the chair feet, pain she wanted to cry, No no ah, I m good, Really. Do not come over, please Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter She has enough to find any. Heartbeat was extremely fast, face with the ears and hot and red, she wanted Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter him, he suddenly appeared, for a moment to make her like an idiot, like a loss, even the feet feel the ice cool Ice cool Bai Xiang Yi stunned, looked down at the first low, coul.mper of the devil. Sha Yue Bao drums came to his side. Upon seeing this, Mu Lin Reiki crazy, a stride forward pull, carelessly pulled painful swelling of the wrist. Bite the pain of the sand Yue Bao readily toss, a string of spells in the brain passing, along the fingertips to go. Freeze. Baby, what are you doing His head is more painful. She cramped to the tongue, I did not mean it Accident, accident. The tenth of the eleventh accident, the office more than a frozen person. She will not have been standing there as a bronze statue, right A good accident, almost as her stupid word after another mantra. I am stupid thing Mana lasted for a long time. About five minutes. He wanted to sky and shouts, love medicine have to understand it There should be it Sha Yue Bao not help him, only a finger holding his elbow. What are you doing in the end Shangguan front has no desire to roar her, stupid to the extreme stupid witch. Take you home treatment Instantly move the spell how to read, think of blue self balancing scooter it. By you He would rather die. My family is not your home, our house witch up to Oh, I seem to have screwed up. Move is moved, but not them. What do you think of the decorations in my office, landfill Probably in another space Wow It turned out that this office space big. Can you find it He Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter did not expect her. Certainly, sure. Sha Yue Po quickly nodded. Is certain to disappear or must restore A certain range is too broad. Shayue Bao clenched Sheng Stone to take a deep breath.

Bluetooth Connect Self Balancing Scooter coffee. Fire evening softly thanked, and then glanced at her puzzled eyes, light laugh The enemy, you tell us about it Also introduced ass, you do not already know that she is quiet valley. He upright to refute. But Miss Valley does not know me She knew he would say that. This is my sister fire Xi, she is quiet valley, OK, right His introduction is extremely simple. younger sister Gu You suspected his ears heard wrong, and asked again, He is your sister But she felt no matter Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter how the fire should be the evening, ninety nine percent is a man, and he actually said the fire is the eve of the His sister right Huixi remove sunglasses, light smiles It was an accident Sunglasses and a fire under the same face of the Jun is her pupil eyebrows for a long time. You you are twins Fire Xi with a smile, is quadruplets. Quartet, in other words, there are two people who have this face, and their forehead is the central flame shaped pattern is to distinguish between them and the pattern of the four myself He never told me about his family, she said. The enemy s personality is like this, the most annoying trouble. Fire Xi Duanqi coffee tasted. Why did he tell her about her family She Hey, the topic is also too far too far, and his trip is to take away those paintings, the fire suddenly shocked the enemy, Xi, you are a slapstick ah Fire Xi smile unabated to long into the sky, hey I almost forgot I came to see the exhibition, you talk about it Language finished, she imme.iday Will he dream ah Di Yang Jinmou shining glaring at the ghost. Ghostless lazy to distract the eyelids, strange red light suddenly, You do not want to go Really When he did not speak too, it is really more Di Yang Yue Yu back, do not he do not know Jun no joke it If not to see him in the sacrifice of the small can accompany her to practice her bad magic on that would not be an exception to his six month holiday to the community to play a good play, relax yourself, by the way do A favor to the people without regret. Really Di Yang golden eyes in the big light Chi. Ghost without fear of the beautiful face is full of impatience, he Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter has asked no less than five times, his answer has always been the same, he has Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter any doubt You ask me once again to cancel your vacation. Not light not heavy tone, but in terms of Di Yang is like a Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter ground level thunder, bombers because he was too happy to lose the reason. Really He suddenly sensed the export will provoke a bad luck, and quickly covered his mouth with his hand. Thank you, King, thank you Then you have a good rest tomorrow Ghost slowly close your eyes, physique gradually diluted, dear sister account of the matter is completed. Wow Good, he can be relaxed. Di Yang s heart jumped up and began looking forward to a six month human life. He now knows what it means to be sorry. Knew this will end, he is how will not come. This is a good fall, he really do not understand what the princess was thinking of regret. No, Bluetooth connect self balancing scooter ghost.

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